Video of Mustang on First Test Drive | Mustang

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It had just rained a little so you will notice a few drops on the hood scoop 

After many months of anticipation I finally took the 66 Mustang on it’s  maiden voyage. about a 3 mile round trip. I never got over 3 grand or out of 3rd gear about  60 miles an hour at one spot. The car was never more than 1/4 throttle. I got some grabbing of the clutches in the posi the last part of my journey. I also had some chatter from a tailpipe tapping on the fuel tank. Other than that I think it went very well for the fact that the car is pretty much completely re-engineered.  I will figure out the rear differential problem I am hoping Heidt’s didn’t assemble it wrong and change up my tailpipe hangers. Then I will take it to the next level on a test drive.