Ford 4R70W Rebuild

This is a 2000 Mustang GT 4R70W transmission . It is going into a 1966 Mustang with a 4.6 3V. I rebuilt this with a stage 3 kit. It got high energy discs, a shift kit to repair the factory line pressures, repaired the EPC failure problem, all new seals and bushings. A 2200-2600 stall convertor to handle the loping idle from the Comp Cams. The electronics will be controlled by a US Shift Quick 4 controller. The controller came with a plug and play wiring harness. The shifter is a Lokar unit very good quality.

Lokar Shifter

Note the quality wiring harness from
Wires plugged in to neutral safety and speed sensor
Oil pan with added drain plug
Low reverse band replaced with a 2″ RAYBESTOS “PRO SERIES”
Sun Gear Shell
Sun Gear Shell Snap Ring
Intermediate frictions and steels
Front Pump Removal
2nd Accumulator
Low Reverse Piston this applies the band

Filter under valve body
3rd Accumulator Piston
Parking Pawl
Valve body removed
Before valve body removal
Internal electrical harness

Oil Pan Removal
Parts Kit
Transmission Core
Another picture of the Lokar shifter

Video of Mustang on First Test Drive | Mustang

Click here Mustang Ride Along Video

It had just rained a little so you will notice a few drops on the hood scoop 

After many months of anticipation I finally took the 66 Mustang on it’s  maiden voyage. about a 3 mile round trip. I never got over 3 grand or out of 3rd gear about  60 miles an hour at one spot. The car was never more than 1/4 throttle. I got some grabbing of the clutches in the posi the last part of my journey. I also had some chatter from a tailpipe tapping on the fuel tank. Other than that I think it went very well for the fact that the car is pretty much completely re-engineered.  I will figure out the rear differential problem I am hoping Heidt’s didn’t assemble it wrong and change up my tailpipe hangers. Then I will take it to the next level on a test drive.

Mustang Final Coat of Sealer

1966 Mustang Fastback
Passenger door

Roof with shaved drip rails
Maier Racing Hood

Spoiler end caps molded in
Passenger quarter panel
Roof panel
Deck lid
Drivers quarter panel
Drivers door
Drivers front fender
Cowl area

Top of Lh fender