Measuring for four link rear suspension

So the plan is to remove everything from the frame, from the cab back. Build a new crossmember at the very rear of frame to fit fuel tank between frame rails.. Repair and strengthen the frame where someone shortened the frame and just butt welded it together. 

Box the frame in key spots, replace the GM 10 bolt with a Ford 9″. The differential currently setting 1.5″ to far back. So I will center differential and shorten differential 1″ each side. It then gets all the four link brackets welded into place. Setup and adjustment to complete the install.

After removing 8 layers of paint big surprises on the 1960 Studebaker Champ

Studebaker Champ

This Studebaker Champ was built in 1960. Sometime in  it’s life it was blue then yellow then yellow again and then gold. It was never sanded down between colors but it did get lots of primer coats between colors.  I chemically peeled the multiple coats of paint only to find 4 to 5 gallons of plastic filler in the doors and 3 fenders.

I have had worse in my career. I had a 57 Chevy hardtop years ago that the bottom half of the car was sculptured with Bondo up to two inches thick. The difference is the customers the 57 Chevy owner seemed to think it was my fault and I should fix it for free. The Studebaker owner understands old cars are just that. By the way the 1957 Chevy didn’t get fixed for free.

Fired up 383 Chevy with Tunnel Ram on Thirsty Thursday

I fired this 383 Chevy for the first time since installing tunnel ram. This is a 4 bolt main block with a Scat 4340 Forged Crank, Scat 4340 6 inch rods with ARP 8740 bolts , Wiesco premium Forged -12cc Pistons, Hastings rings,  King High Performance rod and main bearings, Howards Big Mama Rattler Cam, with matching valve springs, Comp cam 1.6 roller rockers, heads are 292 angle plug Crane Fireball. Very street-able 10.2 compression ratio.

Fabricating Strut Rods

Fabricated a set of compression strut rods for a 2006 2500 HD Chevy. I used 1.5″ 7/32 wall DOM tubing. Tube is threaded 1 1/8″ 12 thread. I cut tube to length and welded dead end together. 

Adjustable end with urethane bushings greasable.

Assembled end

Old Mcgaughys stainless strut on right, my strut on the left. 

Mcgaughys thin wall tubing on right compared to the DOM tubing the DOM will not bend like the thin wall did.

1956 Studebaker Transtar Pickup Ride Along Video with Fitech Injection

1956 Studebaker

I installed Fitech fuel injection 30001 and a command center. The installation went with few glitches, the tuning was easy, and self learning seems to be working well. The quality of the unit is good, the hand held quits working when it gets hot in the sun. I like everything about this unit except the Fitech phone support. I got done talking with them realizing I would have gotten more educated answers from my cat. If you can get through the installation with out needing tech support you will be satisfied with this injection system. if you need tech support I would steer clear of Fitech.

Ford 4R70W Rebuild

This is a 2000 Mustang GT 4R70W transmission . It is going into a 1966 Mustang with a 4.6 3V. I rebuilt this with a stage 3 kit. It got high energy discs, a shift kit to repair the factory line pressures, repaired the EPC failure problem, all new seals and bushings. A 2200-2600 stall convertor to handle the loping idle from the Comp Cams. The electronics will be controlled by a US Shift Quick 4 controller. The controller came with a plug and play wiring harness. The shifter is a Lokar unit very good quality.

Lokar Shifter

Note the quality wiring harness from
Wires plugged in to neutral safety and speed sensor
Oil pan with added drain plug
Low reverse band replaced with a 2″ RAYBESTOS “PRO SERIES”
Sun Gear Shell
Sun Gear Shell Snap Ring
Intermediate frictions and steels
Front Pump Removal
2nd Accumulator
Low Reverse Piston this applies the band

Filter under valve body
3rd Accumulator Piston
Parking Pawl
Valve body removed
Before valve body removal
Internal electrical harness

Oil Pan Removal
Parts Kit
Transmission Core
Another picture of the Lokar shifter