Exhaust on 52 is done

Exhaust is done from the angle plug compatible stainless shorty headers to the exit behind the rear tires. I used the Warlock x pipe made by Flowtech. It features flow intensifier cutouts. This makes for an easy transition to uncork the headers. The mufflers are a 2 chamber keeping the interior drone to a minimum while still giving the tailpipes the great V8 sound.

I made the exit behind the rear tires. I will add a tip to get it beyond the fenders once the box and fenders are installed.

Putting in electrical, steering, Vintage Air, wipers, stereo into cab final time.

I assembled inside of cab for final time. The power brake master cylinder and vacuum booster. The bracket for brake pedal. The steering column, hooked it up to the steering box. Wired up the 22 pin bulkhead connector, put in speedo and gauges along with GPS antenna for speedo. Installed the Vintage air unit with heater. Installed wiper assembly with new electric motor. Installed Vintage radio and hidden antenna. Wired up the engine, finished the wiring headed out back. I hooked up the battery and tested all circuits. Everything worked as planned.

Engine and Transmission get mounted

The transmission and engine are mounted about 3 inches back from the Firebird original location. I tried four sets of headers before finding a set of shorty headers that fit the angle plug heads. I used the later model metal engine mounts and wekded them to the crossnember. I used 1957 Chevy motor mounts mounted them to the motor and it fits perfectly.

The transmission cross member was a left over from a modified Mustang I did a few years ago. I bolted the cross member to the frame and welded a plate to cross member to use the original 700r4 mount.

The Front of Frame Boxed and Reinforced

The front frame and suspension is from a mid 1970’s Pontiac Firebird. The frame had already been mated to the truck frame when it came into the shop. I Reinforced the splice with angle iron and then used iron plate to box it. It will now withstand some abuse.

383 Engine and 700r4 are ready

The 383 with the Scat forged crank and rods. Wiesco forged pistons, Howard’s Rattler cam, Crane Fireball heads, topped with Fitech fuel injection.

The engine has been broken in on the shops engine stand. The 700r4 transmission has been torn down, wired for lockup convertor to only engage in overdrive and to unlock when brakes are applied. A 2500 rpm convertor is used.

Cab of 1952 Chevy Fitment

The cab and fenders are put on the frame for test fit. The doors are adjusted for closure and gap. Front fenders and hood are also adjusted for fitment. All shims are labeled and bolt locations noted. Then it all comes back apart.

Four Link Rear Suspension

  • The four link is nearing completion. The truck is a 1952 Chevy, but the back half of the frame ends up being from a 1941. There is splice I have to redo but I thought they just shortened frame to a short box. 
  • I was cussing Speedway Motors for the poor fitment of the 4 link kit until I finally figured it out. With some time I got it all to work.

Fabricating Strut Rods

Fabricated a set of compression strut rods for a 2006 2500 HD Chevy. I used 1.5″ 7/32 wall DOM tubing. Tube is threaded 1 1/8″ 12 thread. I cut tube to length and welded dead end together. 

Adjustable end with urethane bushings greasable.

Assembled end

Old Mcgaughys stainless strut on right, my strut on the left. 

Mcgaughys thin wall tubing on right compared to the DOM tubing the DOM will not bend like the thin wall did.

327 Gets New Wire Separators

The 327 tri-power got some really cool sparkplug wire separators. These bolted down to the valve covers. They can be easily removed to add oil to the engine. 

I am using these on the 383 stroker engine I am building. More on that later.

Mustang almost done from a junk yard hardtop to a fastback show car.

Other than a few small things on the check list the car is done. By looking at the car people will think this car is nearly stock. That is furthest from the truth, nothing outside of a few body panels is the car stock. 

A extremely modified Hiedts four link on the rear. A modified TCI front suspension with coilovers and power rack and pinion. SSBC disc brakes with hydro boost all four corners. The steering is through an Iddidit tilt wheel.

The engine is a 4.6 3v Ford Motor Sports intake and controls. Comp cams, headers with H pipe, BBK throttle body, and delete plates. The engine is tuned for 93 octane. This runs through a five speed transmission and a Ford nine inch Detroit locker 3:55 gears. The shifter is a Hurst setup.

The hood is from Maier Racing with electric release, the trunk lid is fiberglass with the spoiler molded into the quarter panels and the key lock removed. The rain gutters were shaved off. A GT350r front valance panel that has been modified for frenched park lights. Rear valance panel has been modified to allow for custom exhaust tips.

All new custom green tinted glass.

The battery is located in the trunk along with a power distribution block. The in tank fuel pump, fuel regulator, and fuel filter are located under the custom made trunk floor.

The interior is done in wide bolstered bucket seats, fold down rear seat. The transmission hump and firewall were modified to accept the larger tranny. The hump is removable to access the transmission. This covered in sound deader and carpet. 

The gauges are New Vintage. The air conditioner is Vintage Air. The  sound system is by Retro Sound. The car has cruise control, electric door locks, and a full anti theft system. 

The rear 67 Shelby taillights have been frenched into the rear body panel. The headlights are Hella 

Ride along videos coming next week as the tuning begins.