Practicing with Southern Polyurethane Inc clearcoat.

So before painting the Mustang with what maybe the best clearcoat ever made I thought I would practice. I bought a quart plus activator to practice. Then I would practice on my cafe racer, then paint the Harley, and then the Mustang.

I went a little crazy on graphics, candy colors, and other effects on the cafe racer tank. I sprayed 3 coats of clear with my modified Devilbiss Plus gun I waited overnight and sanded with 600 grit.

 I set it in the sun for the day as per instructions. It then got 3 more coats . Next day I sanded it with Trizact 3000 grit sandpaper and polished with Meguiars M105 the best compound on the market. 

Turned out great I am going to be using the Southern Polyurethane from now on. It is applied differently than any other clearcoat. The result is a smooth finish that needs almost no color sanding. When the only sanding is 3000 grit you know it has little to no orange peel.

I am excited to paint the Mustang now.

Cafe racer tank
Black paint with distress cracks along the front.
Used drawer liner to spray through to get this pattern.
Gold candy sprayed over silver then sprayed with gold pearl.
The orange is tangerine candy.

2003 Harley Davidson Accident Repair and Repaint

So this Dyna Glide got put on it’s right side. Dented the tank, skinned up the exhaust, foot peg, tweaked the bars, bent the brake pedal. So I pulled the dent with my paintless dent removal tools. The dent came out and needed no fillers. 

I repainted the bike with white then layer of gold ghost pearl. It then got 4 coats of Southern Polyurethanes Inc 2:1 VOC clear coat. 

Installed new parts to replace what the accident messed up. Bike is like new. 

I enjoy painting motorcycles they are so easy to do. The small area with mostly curves make for the perfect canvas. I think I could paint a tank with a Harbor Freight gun, with Krylon, in the dark and it would come out decent. That may actually make a good YouTube video.

Dented tank
Dent is successfully removed.
Freshly painted tank
Fenders finished
Ready for some new parts

Mustang Final Coat of Sealer

1966 Mustang Fastback
Passenger door

Roof with shaved drip rails
Maier Racing Hood

Spoiler end caps molded in
Passenger quarter panel
Roof panel
Deck lid
Drivers quarter panel
Drivers door
Drivers front fender
Cowl area

Top of Lh fender