Starting on the 1930 Model A Roadster

This car was a hot rod here in Loveland in the 50’s. It sat outside for decades. The doors and trunk lid were welded shut with a ton of bondo. This car started life as a Cabriolet.  The body is being fitted on a 32 chassis with a Chevy 327 with three deuces and 400 turbo. This is going to be a lot of metal work to get this thing in shape. No it is not going to be a rat rod not even close.




The Next Motorcycle Project

The next bike is a 1971 Honda SL350. These are my favorite motorcycle builds. My last SL350 restoration ended up in a large motorcycle museum in Illinois.



Rip off auto repairs

So this week I did two repairs from crooked auto repair shops.

The first one was a a 07 Nissan Altima. It had several thousand dollars in repairs. The problem was that the brakes were squeaking, pulsating, and weak stopping. The customer has taken the car in several times only to be told it was fine.

I brought car in and began to remove the lh front tire. First lug nut hand tight, second one same, third one 50 foot pounds over torqued, next one also way over torqued, and fifth one hand tight. This caused the brake rotor to run out of alignment with the pads. The rotor was blue from overheating and was warped. On top of that the custom had been charged for premium ceramic pads but received cheap semi-metallic pads. This same incorrect torque on lugs was the same on all four wheels. The cheap pads had also been used front and rear.

This was the local Firestone store so beware.

The second car went to a Northern Colorado Chevrolet dealer. It was a Chevy Cruze with a 1.4 turbo. It went in for a recall and oil change. This car is parked indoors same spot since new. Never a drop of anything under it.

Customer gets a call that a pipe is broken on the cooling system leaking badly. 30 bucks for part and 260 for labor. Customer gets part brings car to me. It is very strange that the outlet manifold is broken in a spot that one could easily grab it and give it a quick tug. In my opinion the mechanic broke it on purpose.

I started at 2:22 drug out the Hotsy washed off the motor. Drove into shop, drained coolant, r&r coolant outlet manifold, topped off coolant, warmed car up and topped off again. I was finished at 2:48. 26 minutes and I included steam cleaning engine.  I could have done it in 15 minutes if I short cut my work like this Chevy mechanic would have.

I was going to charge for my time but customer insisted on paying 100 bucks. You see what happens when your honest.

On top of this the Chevy service department charged 100 dollars to remove the radiator cap and put the pressure tester on it. You could be as slow as Moses and do that in 3 minutes.

I just want to rant a little. To any mechanic and or shop if you can not make your living honestly in this business get out of the business. I worked as parts and service mangers at GM dealerships for 25 years. I raised a family, paid off my house, took nice vacations. I did all of this by being up front and honest with everyone I came in contact with.

If you are to lazy to get out your torque wrench and torque lug nuts go to work in another field or maybe collecting disability for having a lazy ass.

These are the guys that make the majority of the honest car guys look bad.